April 8, 2015

Closet Confidential // I stay strapped

I'm a big advocate for shoes that combine function and flair.

Function /ˈfʌŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n(verb) / work or operate in a proper or particular way /

Flair / flɛː(noun) / stylishness and originality /

Count on me to opt out of buying a pair of shoes if the pinch in my toes gives me even the slightest premonition that I might end up in an emergency room. While many other shoe lovers are willing to risk a toe or two, I am on the opposite side of the scale,unless tequila has tricked my toes into comfort on a night out...but that's another post for another day.

So when I bought these on trend strappy lace up cut out heels from Public Desire , I immediately slipped them on to see if they passed the test and to my surprise they did. 

I'm sure you've seen these lace up,corset like shoes all over the place. A definite staple for spring summer. Not only are they distinct and edgy, these shoes are tension free and made for a strutting occasion.Also be careful not too lace them up too tight, remember my mini rant about ending up in emergency rooms earlier?

Be warned that stepping out in this type of shoe requires close attention be paid to your pedicure, and in the upcoming heated months your moisturisation regiment aswell.
There's gonna be a definite spot light on your feet in these so put your best one forward.

In conclusion, yes we love them and they're definitely getting along with all the other kiddos on my shoe rack. Such a pretty addition. 

And if you'd like a pair or two (I had to get two) of these shoes then visit Public Desire. I'll understand if you end up being other pairs of shoes from them too,let's be honest they have a mesmerizing collection.

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